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In fulfilling its mission and performing the various activities related to its mission, Ideas Spoken, Inc. (ISI) respects the importance of intellectual property rights. In particular, ISI respects authors' rights under the copyright laws, and is committed to making only appropriate uses of copyrighted work (e.g., fair or authorized uses) and to providing appropriate attribution. ISI also recognizes the importance of enabling others to use its work, and therefore authorizes others to use brief excerpts or quotations from ISI publications in news reports, articles or reviews. Anyone who would like to copy or reproduce in any other way all or part of any ISI publication (including any material on ISI or related websites) should request permission to do so. The request must:

  • Identify the title and author of the ISI publication.
  • Specify the material that you wish to use and the manner in which you intend to use it.
  • Include the name, address, phone number, email and fax number of an appropriate contact person.

Any such request, or any question regarding ISI’s use of copyrighted material, should be sent by mail or by email to the following address:

Ideas Spoken, Inc.
Copyright Permissions
1 North First Street, Suite 700
Phoenix AZ 85004
Phone: 480-596-3442
Fax: 480-596-4054

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